Housesitting Perks – A Room with a View

When you housesit, you look at pictures of the home and discuss it with the homeowners but you never really know the whole arrangement until you are there, settling in for the duration of the owner’s vacation. One somewhat regular housesit for us is on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, Washington. It comes with a funny cat who is rather standoffish initially but wants attention on her schedule – when she jumps up on her bench to be petted and brushed and when the sun is coming up and she thinks it time for breakfast! It also comes with a lovely lagoon front property which is just two blocks off the ocean and huge windows to immerse yourself in the view.

Whidbey Housesit (12)

I truly enjoy watching the world go by on that lagoon with a cup of tea or a glass of wine in hand. There’s the neighbors coming up from their Seattle home for the weekend. It takes them just 45 minutes to run up in their shiny new boat; much faster than driving up and catching the ferry across to the island. The folks across the way got their big catamaran underway for a couple days so we were able to watch him maneuver in and out of his berth in that big craft, a mighty impressive feat. There’s a guy up the way who sets crab pots near the ocean entrance giving us our own ideas about crab fishing. And there are several folks who gets their exercise paddling the lagoon in kayaks.
And then there is the wildlife. In our Juneau, Alaska home, we see all manner of wildlife – eagles nesting behind our house, deer browsing alongside the highway, an occasional coyote behind the local grocery store, whales feeding when we are out fishing, and bears underneath our bedroom window in the middle of the night. Nonetheless, a wildlife sighting is still occasion to stop everything. The first thing you notice on Whidbey is the plethora of deer. They are everywhere and have little fear.


This momma and her fawns were usually found lunching across the street and paid no attention when we stopped the truck for a picture.


We saw lots of ducks in the lagoon but this lady mallard came most days to wander on the patio in search of birdseed the doves left behind.


Then there was this great blue heron who came almost every day to try his fishing luck from the docks in the lagoon.


On this day, he was having a bad feather day!


But he managed to get them under control


Ever wonder what they look like underneath?


He did a pretty good job of sneaking up on his prey and darting his beak into the water for dinner.


His dinner looks a little startled!


And then there was the day hubby came in the house saying “Get your camera quick”. Turns out there were otters on the dock.


Not only did they wait for me to get the camera but it almost seems they are posing for the pictures.


So to our homeowners whom we now call friends, thank you so much for sharing your room with a view with us!


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